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Huaciang Industry Co., Ltd.

7F, No.21 Jian Guo North Rd. Section 1, Taipei 10491 Taiwan
Tel: +886-(0)2-6619-3012
Fax: +886-(0)2-2535-1443

Frozen Noodles and Healthy Functional Cooked Rice

Japanese Style Frozen Noodles are an ideal catering solution: hand-made, nutritious, healthy and low-calorie noodles are pre-cooked then frozen, meaning they can be ready in less than one minute of cooking. Healthy Functional Cooked Rice is naturally delicious, low in sodium and contains no preservatives. It offers all the goodness of freshly cooked rice in just 90 seconds. Strict quality management and state-of-the-art technologies are deployed to ensure consistently great taste.

The Netherlands: NTC Wismettac Europe B.V.
United Kingdom: Harro Foods Ltd.
Hong Kong: Wismettac Nippon Foods Co. Ltd.
Japan: Nishimoto Trading Co., Ltd.
Singapore: NTC Wismettac Singapore Pte. Ltd.
U.S.A.: Wismettac Asian Foods, Inc. (HQ & Los Angeles Branch)
Australia: NTC Wismettac Australia Pty Ltd. (Sydney Office)
Huaciang Industry Co., Ltd.