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Ohtsuka Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

168 Shimoosaka, Kawagoe-shi, Saitaima 350-0812 Japan
Tel: +81-(0)49-231-1260
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Miola, made with naturally-occurring enzymes amylase and protease, has been developed to guarantee perfectly soft, fluffy rice every time. Miola ensures consistently delicious rice by boosting water absorption and quickening the transformation of rigid beta-starch to soft alpha-starch; it can also prevent undercooking. Rice cooked with Miola also keeps fresher for longer. Miola is available in two types: Rice Miola for white rice and Rice Miola Gold for sushi rice. Ideally, sushi rice should be light and full of air, and Rice Miola Gold is widely used by professional sushi chefs in Japan to achieve this.

Germany: SSP Trade & Consult GmbH
Italy: JFC Italia S.R.L.
Spain: Cominport Distribucion SL
Sweden: JFC Norden (Sweden) AB
United Kingdom: Harro Foods Ltd
United Kingdom: S.K.Y. Enterprise UK Ltd
United Kingdom: Tazaki Foods Ltd
Hong Kong: JFC Hong Kong Ltd.
Japan: JFC International Inc. Head Office
U.S.A.: Mutual Trading Co., Inc. (Los Angeles Headquaters )
Mexico: JFC de Mexico, C.V.
Australia: NTC Wismettac Australia Pty Ltd. (Melbourne Office)
Ohtsuka Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.