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Japanese Tea

Japanese Tea
Japan offers a rich variety of teas. Premium quality sencha, or green tea, is made from fresh young leaves, steamed and dried to produce a greenish-yellow tea with a slightly bitter flavour. The extremely popular bancha, meanwhile, is an everyday tea made from coarser leaves harvested later in the season. Other common varieties include genmaicha (green tea mixed with roasted brown rice), hojicha (low caffine, roasted bancha) and matcha, the bright green powdered tea used in the tea ceremony and made from a special variety of tea called tencha.

Maeda-en Green Tea
Maeda-en (G.T Japan, Inc.)

Since 1984, Maeda-en has been distributing premium quality 100% Japanese-grown green tea worldwide in both retail and bulk sizes. The wide range of unique Maeda-en teas includes selections to satisfy professional caterers, individuals, connoisseurs and newcomers. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, the teas are reasonably priced and are available in leaf, powder or convenient, fine mesh tea bags. As well as being an authentic and traditional maker of superb green tea leaves, Maeda-en also creates innovative green tea products for modern consumers.

Maeda-en Green Tea

Otsuka Japanese Green Tea and Matcha
Otsuka Green Tea Co., Ltd.

Otsuka Green Tea is a family-owned tea company, established 150
years ago. The company is located in Kakegawa, Shizuoka, a prime
area for green tea production in Japan. The company harvests its
tea leaves from plantations blessed with soil and climate perfect for
tea production. The company’s award-winning products, including
natural leaf tea, roasted tea, and brown rice tea, are all of the
highest quality. Otsuka Green Tea offers the unmistakable flavour
and aroma of deep steamed sencha green tea.

Otsuka Japanese Green Tea and Matcha